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We are a small scale Premium Organic Virgin Coconut Oil producer in the southern islands of the Philippines, a beautiful ecologically, and sustainable area with virgin islands, and the perfect growing conditions for the purest Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Our products help support the local community and fund a wonderful elementary school located within the premises of our farm. Every purchased made will directly help students, local community and long term humanitarian projects for this and surrounding areas, thank you for your patronage.


16oz bottle
Our 16oz bottle is filled with wonderful coconut aroma and flavor, pick one up for yourself or as a gift today!
8oz Bottle
Our 8oz bottle is a wonderful companion for a short trip to the beach, or the gym, when ever you need a small amount of moisturiser or a pick me up for your coffee, and is filled with the same wonderful coconut aroma and flavor as our 16oz bottle, pick one up for yourself or as a gift today!
High Quality
Why take only one when you can have all 6?!  our Premium Organic Coconut Oil is available in cases, pick one up today for your supply cabinet!

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